RoboCupSimData Files Overview

This page is part of the RoboCupSimData project hosted on bitbucket.

There are three sets of different sizes on this page. They are:

  1. a one game set, to explore the data before downloading the full set;
  2. a ten game set, for more exploring and simple experiments; and finally
  3. the full dataset, split into 10 parts. This full dataset also contains all the files that are part of (1) and (2).

All game datasets on this page come in two versions:

  1. A set of CSV files. For each game in the set, there is one file with groundtruth data for all players, one file with parameters of the game, and forty-four files (two per player), with the local, incomplete, and noisy "visual" percepts of each player: one file for sensed moving objects, and one file for sensed landmarks. We modified the soccer simulator to record these local percepts for all players of both teams, the original soccer simulator does not record these files.
  2. The original logfiles of the RoboCup Soccer Simulator, together with the logfiles of the players' sensory inputs, generated with our simulator patch (visual and "body" sensors). All CSV files above can be recreated from the logfiles with the scripts that we release together with our data.

Additionally, the file landmarks.csv contains positions of all landmarks (flags, lines, goals), in global coordinates. Every game is using this set of landmarks, and their "global" positions are known to all players.

One game example data

An example game between Gliders2016 and HELIOS2016, winner and runner up of RoboCup 2016.

Ten games top 5 teams

For this ten games top 5 set, we determined the top 5 teams from all games run for our full dataset. We then selected 10 games from the full dataset, so that each team plays one of the other top 5 once.

Full data set: Ten teams 25 rounds tournament

The full data set was created by playing 25 rounds of games with 10 teams (the top 6 teams from RoboCup 2017, and the top 4 teams from RoboCup 2016). In each round, all teams play against each other, resulting in 25 * 9 * 10 / 2 = 1125 games in total. The dataset is split into 10 packages for easier downloading. Each package contains all matches of a team playing on the "left" side of the field, i.e. 4 or 5 matches (of 25 rounds each).