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I am an Associate Professor in Data Science in the Centre for Research in Mathematics at Western Sydney University, and the Director for Research, Quality, and Innovation for the School of Computing, Engineering, and Mathematics.

My research interest is in machine learning, focussed on efficient machine learning approaches for complex intelligent systems and time series data. My work contributes to and makes use of research on recurrent and deep neural networks, learning of representations, reinforcement learning, and information theory. I have worked on projects that involved finding patterns in data, selecting informative features, and decision-making in autonomous agents, for a range of application areas from smart electrical energy, minerals mining, environmental monitoring, to intelligent materials and robotics, big data in astronomy, cyber-security and preventative health.

Publications, Projects, Code, News and more information

The links in the menu above lead to more information about my publications, selected projects, academic activities, and about some code that I have produced.

Supervision and student projects

We currently have an opening for a PhD student (a scholarship for international or domestic candidates). If you are interested, please have a look at the advertisement, and then contact me to discuss a potential topic before you apply.

A requirement for PhD positions is a first class honours, or a Master degree with a research component. If you have a Bachelor degree and are interested in research, the Master of Research degree is the right choice for you. Check out the link, and then contact me.